Happymodel ExpressLRS 2.4GHz ELRS TX ES24TX-Lite for Jumper T-Lite




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Happymodel ExpressLRS 2.4GHz dla Jumpera T-Lite

The transmitter module is adapted to the Jumper T-Lite, which allows for convenient and secure installation that does not require soldering or other modifications. The transmitter has been placed in a metal housing which acts as a heat sink, ensuring adequate cooling.

The ExpressLRS system is considered by many to be the best system we can see on the market today. It competes with systems such as Crossfire and Tracer.

The Happymodel ExpressLRS transmitter is based on open source software, which allows users to have a real impact on the development of the project. Open Source software allows the software to be freely modified by the community using the product.

The module is based on the popular and proven ESP32, ESP8285 and SX1280 RF chips.

This configuration allows the user to fly up to 10 km under appropriate conditions.

Nadajnik ExpressLRS
Moduł zasilania ExpressLRS

The set includes a special module that allows you to use the full power of the module. When using other known systems, users had to make additional modifications by themselves in order to use the full power of the transmitters. Here, the manufacturer has designed a special module that makes it possible.

Despite its small size, the module offers a refresh rate of 500Hz, which is twice as high as in the much more expensive Tracer system. The refresh rate is related to the signal delays, the higher the refresh rate, the lower the delay.

Nadajnik ExpressLRS do drona FPV


  • Regulatory Domain: ISM2400
  • MCU:ESP32(main),ESP8285(aux,as espbackpack)
  • RF chip:SX1280IMLTRT
  • JR standard 5pin socket
  • Frequency Range: 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
  • Maximum receive refresh rate: 500Hz
  • Minimum receiver refresh rate: 25Hz
  • RF Output Power: 10dBm~24dBm
  • Power supply voltage: 3v~4.5v
  • Weight: 7.5gram(without antenna and case)
  • Dimension: 57mm*27mm*12mm(Without CNC case)
  • Antenna gain: 1.87dBi

Package include:

  • ES24TX-Lite*1
  • T_Lite  EXTCONV power module *1
  • 24TX80 antenna *1
  • CNC Aluminum alloy case *1
  • Antenna adapter cable *1
  • Connection wire *1 set

Quick assemble guide:

Instrukcja montażu nadajnika do aparatury Jumper T-Lite
Instrukcja montażu nadajnika do aparatury Jumper T-Lite
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