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Put your drone in good hands! Modify, repair or build your dream model with us!


Check the technical condition, repair, modify or improve your drone!


Build your dream model! Your first drone or maybe another one?


Need help with your drone? Write to us. We are happy to help you solve the problems!


Our little "Gallery of Glory" - drones that we have already assembled or repaired.

Avifly service

It is worth giving the drone into our hands. You will ask why? Because drones are not only our job, but our passion! A hobby to which we devoted ourselves completely and in which we were lost many years ago. Our store has been operating on the market for over 8 years and with pride and boldness we can say that we are one of the largest stores with drone parts in Poland. As a result - we dealt with a whole lot of electronics from various manufacturers. We test what we bring to the store on our private models. We know what works well and what is not worth wasting time and energy.
During this time, the store has seen a whole lot of models that were brought and sent to us by customers from all over Poland. Each such drone is a new adventure for us - what does not work? Why? What can we do and improve to make it even better? We ask ourselves such questions every day and we also find answers to them every day.

Due to the fact that we spend time with drones not only at work, but also devote our free time to developing our passion - we keep an eye on news. We know what's new on the market, what are the opinions of users about them. By giving your model to our service, you have the guarantee that we will choose only the best parts for you and apply the latest upgrade that will allow you to fly even better and faster. If necessary, we will fix the mounts and upgrade your equipment. Having a stationary store allows us to work quickly and efficiently. We have all the necessary electronics and parts, so you don't have to wait long for your drone to be repaired.

What and how do we do? See answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

How to report a drone for repair?

Contact us by email or phone. We will initially define what is wrong with your drone. We will also give you the estimated repair time.

If you agree to the proposed conditions - bring or send the drone to us.

What drones do you service?

We specialize in the service and repair of FPV sports drones from the category:

> Freestyle FPV
> Racing FPV drones
> Cine i Cinewhoop
> Whoop's and micro drones

Are there drones that you don't repair?

Yes. We will not repair DJI drones (in this case, we sugest you to contact with one of the services authorized by DJI) and toy drones (all types of models available for purchase in supermarkets or auction sites - due to the unavailability of dedicated parts).

Can I send a drone to you?

Of course! We run a shipping service, which means that you can send a drone to us from anywhere in Poland. After it has been repaired or modified, we will send it back to you.

How much does the repair cost?

The valuations are prepared individually. Depending on the complexity and workload. We inform you about all costs before starting the repair.

How long does it take to repair?

Usually, we make repairs in 2-4 business days.

Building Drones in Avifly

At Avifly, we not only sell drone parts, but also assemble them. We can create your dream drone for you, which will be tailored to your needs.

Your first drone? We are glad that you want to trust us and entrust the assembly of the model to us! We will select all parts and components for you. You can count on our support both before submitting (contact us if you have any questions or doubts) the model and after receiving the drone.

Is this another model you want to assemble? We are very pleased that you are addressing us! We can assemble a model for you or prepare parts for self-assembly. We specialize in racing and freestyle drones. We can also put together a cienwhoop or a recording drone for you.

What types of drones can we build for you?

Training Drone
Racing and Freestyle


We know that nothing will convince you better than photos! Click the button below to see all our projects.

Contact us

Obsługa klienta: 728 613 282
Serwis: 570 476 848

E-mail: sklep@avifly.pl

Sklep Avifly , Chełm Śląski 41-403, Imielińska 197

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