KO Method Freestyle Motor 2307.5



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KO Method Freestyle Motor 2307.5

The Method F motor is the culmination of a huge amount of testing and R&D. The motor feautures a full removable base plate, wet sump along with CYRO compatability at an overall weight of 35g (with short wires)

Silnik KO z odkręconą bazą

KO tech is the very first motor company to incorporate a cooling system to RC brusless motors that does not rely on fans or fin style designs. The traditional fan or fin styled design calls for a fan machined in to the bell with on the inside or outside of the bell, this method has 2 major flaws. Firstly this design is" handed" meaning cw rotating motors must have a fan design orientated differently to a ccw voting motor if the fan is to be effective. Second is the fact that a fan or fan shaped spokes design robs the motor of power to drive the fan and In turn lowering response times, ultimate RPM and ultimate available torque.

KOtech has developed ACPC to compress oncoming air directly at the bell spoke face forcing the air past the spokes and directly into the stator and magnet assembly.

This lowers the temps increases torque and dramatically increase response times all the way along the rpm range. As a bonus the angled ring that forms the ACPC design is used as a counter balance used to reduce the amount of putty used to balance a motor bell.

We are able to "clock" the ACPC ring a full 360 ° during the ballance procedure effectively halving the amount of putty needed to achieve a reading of "True" on the test equipment . This allows us to further reduce the bells weight and in turn improve motor response times.


Lastly because of this ability to reduce the amount of balance putty needed we have also been able to reduce the lip at the base of the motor used as a rebate to retain the putty under high RPM centrifugal forces further reducing weight and Improving response times.

Power delivery from a brusless motor largely depends on the operating temperature throughout the duty cycle, this includes both the stator, magnets and windings.
KO has identified this as the main limiting factor when developing a motor to meet the high demands placed on a multi rotor motor. 
Cryo spray is a specially formulated freezing agent designed to drop the standing temp of the stator, windings and magnets to -30°c ( depending on ambient temp ) in order to both increase power, as well as lengthen the operational envelope  the motors can deliver peak power before heat soak causes power loss.

KO sourced a stator coating normally used in the automobile industry. This coating allows the stator to uniformly shrink and expand under the extreme temperature variance from -30°c to +30°c or higher, this coating has also eliminated the potential for the stator to rust due to the build of of moisture caused by condensation. Next we sourced an adhesive also from the automotive industry  for  the magnets and bell assembly with a temperature spread of -65°c to +265°C.


  • Weight: 35g
  • N52sh magnets 
  • 7075 aluminium
  • Titanium shaft
  • High temp copper winding 
  • removable base plate
  • semi uni bell design
  • KO unique open bearings
  • KO unique half shaft design
  • Oil filled sump
  • 16x16 bolt pattern
  • KO unique cryo stator
  • 18AWG silicon 150mm wire
  • Moulded silicon sum plug
  • Built in orga oil pump
  • Custom Cryo Tech stator 
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