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Soar Above the Ordinary with the TORVOL Elite Pitstop Backpack PRO Elite

Ever wished you could have a loyal sidekick, a trusty friend who could carry your gear and gadgets, protect them like a fortress, and be as adventurous as you? Well, guess what? Your wish has been granted!

Introducing the TORVOL Elite Pitstop Backpack PRO Elite, your new favourite roadie. It isn’t just another boring, run-of-the-mill backpack; it’s a game-changer! Crafted for professional use, this backpack means serious business. But it’s got a great sense of humour too. Picture a bodyguard in a clown suit – that’s it!

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile: Handles all field drones, like a boss.
  • Rider-Centric Design: You’re in the saddle, we’ve got your back.
  • UV protection & Water Repellent: Rain or shine, we got you covered.
  • Comfort Padding: Backpack? More like back-spa.
  • Extra Strap: For the over-packers (we’re looking at you).

Our TORVOL Elite Pitstop Backpack PRO Elite is the solution to your transportation woes. Juggling drones, small tools, and your ambition to conquer difficult situations can be a lot. But with this backpack, you can pack everything (maybe even the kitchen sink) in its multiple side pockets, designed to securely store your precious items. This backpack eats problems for breakfast!

From the challenging arenas of security and fire to the great outdoors, the TORVOL Elite’s UV protection, and water-repellent treatment makes sure it’s always ready to venture into the unknown. And it can comfortably house your DJI M30-class drone; it’s like a 5-star hotel for your gadgets!

But we don’t just care about your stuff. We care about you too. Our backrest padding ensures comfortable rides, making long journeys feel like a summer breeze. And if you ever need to attach an additional pouch, the external strap is right there, like an always-helpful bellboy.

The TORVOL Elite Pitstop Backpack PRO Elite. It’s black, it’s sleek, and it’s ready to join your adventures.

Product Specifications

  • External dimensions: 33x27x52 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 24x22x50 cm
  • Gross weight: A light 2750 g

What’s in the box?


Now that’s a wrap, pilots! Order your TORVOL Elite Pitstop Backpack PRO Elite today and experience the upgrade you deserve. Your gear will thank you, and so will your back. Buckle up, the skies are waiting!

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