Ładowarka dwukanałowa Hota S6

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Dual-channel charger for drone Hota S6

S6 is a new proposal of a two-channel charger from the HOTA brand. This model is characterized by an even smaller size (12x12x9cm) and more power (up to 478W on all sockets).

What charger for the drone?

Hota S6 is the perfect drone charger - thanks to it you can quickly and efficiently charge your batteries. When  the flying session is over, you can discharge them to a level that will allow them to be safely stored.

In addition to the standard XT60 ports, the Hota S6 charger is equipped with a number of other sockets that will allow you to also charge your phone, laptop or other electronic devices without any obstacles!

Ładowarka do drona Hota S6 szybka ładowarka do baterii Hota S6

Universal battery charger

The S6 is a model of intelligent battery charger that can handle many types of batteries. If you are looking for a charger for lipo or li-ion, it will be the right choice for you!

The sockets work independently of each other, which means that during one session you can charge or dsicharge batteries simultaneously. The large screen will allow you to monitor what is happening with the batteries on a regular basis.The menu is very intuitive and clear.

inteligentna ładowarka do akumulatorów Hota S6 szybka ładowarka do baterii Hota S6

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