ESC DYS Aria BLHeli_32bit 35A 2-6S DShot1200

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Regulator DYS Aria BLHeli_32bit 35A 2-6S Dshot1200

Prąd ciągły: 35A
Prąd chwilowy (A)> 10s: 40A
Napięcie wejściowe: 3-6 S Lipo
Rozmiar (mm) L * W * H: 32 * 16 * 5mm
Waga: 4,37 g


1. With 32bit ARM Cortex MCU STM32F051 48MHZ micro processor, throttle 2048 resolution ratio,strong anti-interference capacity.

2. Built-in sensor can be reaction of temperature,output power,output current etc,also programmable for protection.

3. Support Blheli_32 firmware,can use the signal wire to upgrade the firmware or change the configuration on line.

4. Current Meter to help show current indication of OSD

5. With USB linker can be programmable throttle setting like support positive and negative,two way mode,FPV 3D mode,motor speed,braking ,PWM frequency, inlet angle speed setting, onboard RGB LED for customize color, Beep etc.

6. It use the self-adaption control system,can go automatic with the all kind of the motor in the market,at the mean time it support up to 500HZ PWM,oneshot 125,oneshot 42,Multishot and Dshot 150/300/600/1200.

7. With special optimize in multi-axis,the motor can launch smoother in a good throttle curve, fast response,great power, and highly support the multi-axis,fixed-wing and helicopter.

8. The twisted-pair signal wire can lower the crosstalk inside cooper wire when it transfer,which will make the flight more stable.

9. MCU hardware,Driver circuit ,Mosfet will come with double voltage protection.

10. To adopt the new process MOSFET of low internal resistance, will help increase resistance to flow. Also,the professional MOS driver chip makes the best efficiency.

11. Mosfet is covered with aluminum sheet for cooling,which can bring more efficiency and stability.

12. With special process of 6 layer thicken PCB will lower resistance, small calorific value and bigger impact resistance current.Nice optimize layout of the components and parts makes a smaller size,lighter weight and easy to build.

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ESC DYS Aria BLHeli_32bit 35A 2-6S DShot1200

ESC DYS Aria BLHeli_32bit 35A 2-6S DShot1200

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