HGLRC Racewhoop30 Frame


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HGLRC Racewhoop30 Frame 


*The Frame supports (20x20-25.5x25.5-30.5x30.5mm) installing holes;
*3 Inches Racewhoop frame, compact and fly anywhere you want;
*Made of composite material, super explosion resistant;
*Racewhoop Structure design, strong and No damage to the the frame or the components.

Brand Name:HGLRC
Model: Racewhoop30 Frame
Material: 3K carbon fiber
Type:3 inches frame
Wheelbase: 147mm
Top plate: 2mm
Bottom plate: 2mm
Space: 30mm
Flight control mounting hole: 20x20mm/25.5x25.5mm/30.5x30.5mm
Support camera:19*19mm
Weight: 152.2g
Motor mounting holes:∅12

Package list:
1x 2mm top plate
1x 2mm bottom plate
2x 3mm Secure the camera side panel
4x Protection duct(The solid color version has 4 protection rings, and the same color )
macarone mixed color version is: macarone green, lemon yellow, cherry blossom powder and Roland violet protection rings)
1x 4P link cable(Double head ph1.0-6p)
1x Type C female
1x Type C male
1x Micro male
1x Cup head screw M3*40
1x Cup head screw M3*38
2x Cup head screws M3*35
4x round head screws M2*5
1x Hexagon socket M2*5 machine meter screw
2x M2*19 aluminum column
4x round head screws M2*6
4x Cup head screw M2*25
4x round head screws M3*25
6x M3 self-locking nuts
4x M2 self-locking nuts
2x M2 * 8 nylon column
1x M5 self-locking nuts
1x M5*20 flat round head countersunk head screw
4x M3*8 shock absorbing balls
4x M2*6.6 shock absorbing column
2x battery strap 20x200mm
1x LED color line(1 yellow 1 White 1 Black 1 red)
1x LED + buzzer
1x Battery skid pad
1x TPU shark fin print
1x TPU shark fin rear clip
1x TPU dog seat fixing seat
1x TPU antenna base
2x Receiver antenna tube
1x L-type 0.9mm Allen wrench

Recommended parts:(not included)
Flight control:Zeus25/F722 MINI
Propeller:3 inches
Battery:4S 850mAh 1300mAh

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