KO sklep

is a European registered company with staff hailing from Europe, UK, Australia and China. The manufacturing facility is based in Wuxi China in the Jiangsu province approximately 200km from Shanghai.  The KO company is a particularly different company in the Brushless motor / EV manufactuing industry. Associates from both Australia and China reside at the coal face of operations in the Jiangsu province China,   operating and overseeing the KO owned design studio and manufacturing plant. KO technologies is not simply an FPV motor company, or for that matter a Motor company. KO tech draws on a multitude of past and present projects from the EV market, to highly technical plastic and carbon mould making industry.
KO team members have a wide range of backgrounds, from  the Marine industry, Medical industry, Automotive industry and industrial  laminate industry. We have a broad range of skill sets within the company, employing some of the best and brightest in their respective fields, many of which are award winning in their own right.

The KO manufacturing facility consists of 3 separate premises:

-The first being very close to the Jiangsu CBD and houses our R&D team and prototyping facilities. Here we have full CNC 3 Axis and CNC Lathe facilities, as well as a dedicated stator winding department focused on developing new motor winds and researching magnet / stator configurations. 
-The second facility produces our main-line post R&D first run products in a state of the art factory, spanning 5000sqm with gantry facilities for finished single products up to 20 metric tons.
-The third facility produces high quality carbon fibre and GRP moulded products including; propellers , air frames and structural parts  using the very latest in automated production lines. This facility also has static  testing facilities capable of testing both electric and internal combustion power systems up to 350hp. 
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